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VivaCity is a FREE locally sourced and produced health, fitness and lifestyle magazine. Distributed through Plymouth Life Centre, Livewell South West locations, GP surgeries and even dropped on your door mat, VivaCity reaches many parts of the city to promote a message of health and happiness!


Inspired by Plymouth City Council health awareness programmes such as Thrive Plymouth, VivaCity aims to help people make small steps towards a healthier, happier future. With small lifestyle changes, you will see the benefits! By promoting positive changes, we can all add years to our lives!


With support from some of the city’s biggest health and wellbeing organisations such as Everyone Active, you can be assured on the quality of content. From input by health experts and listings of events to in depth articles, recipes, workouts and more, VivaCity is all you need to make the change in your household.



16% of Plymouth residents describe themselves as smokers with statistics varying from a 4% average in areas like Plympton to a huge 37% increase in areas such as Devonport



6% of Plymouth residents report drinking more than 10 units a day on days when they are drinking, with figures reaching as high as 26% in areas such as Devonport


Unhealthy eating

39% of Plymouth residents report they eat less than five portions of fruit and vegetables in a day; this figure reaches as high as 57% in areas such as St Budeaux


Lack of exercise

17% of residents in Plymouth are physically inactive, which varies from a 7% average in areas like Compton to a huge 28% in areas such as Budshead

All statistics courtesy of Plymouth City Council

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